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---Welcome to Philippine Pool Players---

by Carlo S. Sanchez

Francisco "Django" Bustamante

Playing since the age of 10, Francisco Bustamante has captured titles like The Munich Masters, The German 9-Ball Championship, The Japan 9-Ball Championship making him one of billiard's greatest international stars. With his win in Tulsa, "Django" locked up the 1998 Camel Pro Billiards Series year-long point fund's top spot. He then finished the season in record breaking style, winning the Columbus 10-Ball Open and becoming the first player to win three Camel titles in one season. His Columbus 10-Ball title also completed the first ever Camel trifecta, with titles in each of the three games contested on the Camel Pro Billiards Series: 8-Ball, 9-Ball and 10-Ball. Known for his graceful style at the table and his signature behind-the-back shot, "Django" is a 23-year veteran of the game.
One of the true superstars of world pool, Bustamante has been a constant winner throughout his career with victories in Europe, Asia and the USA. Having a successful 2002, Busta met with heartbreak earlier this summer, when on the eve of his last 16 match at the World Championship in Cardiff, he learned of the death of his eight month old daughter back in the Philippines. Django captured the pool world's hearts as he bravely battled on winning that match and then quarter and semi-finals before losing by a narrow margin in the final. A very friendly man, Bustamante is universally liked in pool and will be a popular defending champion in Milton Keynes.

Profile: Fancisco Bustamante

Based: Kiel, Germany
Highlight of Career: 2001 World Pool Masters champion, 2000 Motolite International 9-ball champion, 1998 Camel Tour Player of the year, 1998 Las Vegas Riviera Hotel 8-ball champion, 1998 Tulsa 9-ball Open champion
Cardiff Record: 99- Semi Finals, 00- L64, 01- L64, 02- Runner-up
Cue Used: bearcue
Nickname: "Django"
Favourite Player Efren Reyes