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Francisco "Django" Bustamante

Playing since the age of 10, Francisco Bustamante has captured titles like The Munich Masters, The German 9-Ball Championship, The Japan 9-Ball Championship making him one of billiard's greatest international stars. With his win in Tulsa, "Django" locked up the 1998 Camel Pro Billiards Series year-long point fund's top spot. He then finished the season in record breaking style, winning the Columbus 10-Ball Open and becoming the first player to win three Camel titles in one season. His Columbus 10-Ball title also completed the first ever Camel trifecta, with titles in each of the three games contested on the Camel Pro Billiards Series: 8-Ball, 9-Ball and 10-Ball. Known for his graceful style at the table and his signature behind-the-back shot, "Django" is a 23-year veteran of the game.

Profile: Fancisco Bustamante

Based: Kiel, Germany
Highlight of Career: 2001 World Pool Masters champion, 2000 Motolite International 9-ball champion, 1998 Camel Tour Player of the year, 1998 Las Vegas Riviera Hotel 8-ball champion, 1998 Tulsa 9-ball Open champion
Cardiff Record: 99- Semi Finals, 00- L64, 01- L64, 02- Runner-up
Cue Used: bearcue
Nickname: "Django"
Favourite Player Efren Reyes